The wilds of nature

We must have officially entered the Great British garden season now that the Chelsea Flower Show is upon us, or the Chelsea Shower Flow if you are visiting in the rain! The garden plays an important part in British culture, behaviour and architecture. Our domestic plots of lawn, flowers and trees reveals a nations humble attempt to suppress and contain the wilds of nature. Continue reading “The wilds of nature”

“I’ll get the envelope”

It’s Christian Aid Week which means that you have hopefully received an envelope or a visit from a courageous volunteer collecting money for the world’s poorest and neediest. I say ‘courageous’ because the Christian Aid deliverer/collector is liable to attract scorn, derision and abuse. Some people do not take kindly if their home is tainted by religious literature. Continue reading ““I’ll get the envelope””

Super Thursday?

The nation is being called to vote today (Thursday 5th May). The Scottish Parliament, the Welsh National Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly are all testing popular opinion through the polls. 124 councils in England are taking place as well as mayoral elections in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford, not forgetting the two parliamentary by-elections in Bridgend and Sheffield.

Continue reading “Super Thursday?”