Mother Teresa’s prayer

I’m writing this post for a particular person with a particular reason. She will almost certainly not read this and would be altogether shocked that she provoked such a reaction in me. The context is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and my hurt and aching for a reconciliation within Christ’s body, the Church. Continue reading “Mother Teresa’s prayer”

Our prayer is our gift

This Christmas the church is raising money for Save the Children. Each year we commit to support three charities – one local, one national and one international. Considering the catastrophic events in the Middle East, namely Syria and Yemen, it seems pertinent that we support the most vulnerable victims of military power games. Continue reading “Our prayer is our gift”

A pedagogy for Advent

St John’s College Oxford is the patron of St Michael & All Angel’s Church in Summertown, the two institutions are separated by less than a mile of the Banbury Road. St John’s, in fact, is patron to a good many parishes in the Church of England. It is one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest, college in Oxford – and alongside it’s namesake in Cambridge – represents a significant landowning body. According to popular legend one can walk from St John’s College in Oxford, to St John’s College in Cambridge, without ever stepping off St John’s soil! Continue reading “A pedagogy for Advent”