Faith at home

In Scetis, a brother went to see Abba Moses and begged him for a word. The old man said, “Go and sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything.”…  This is one of my favourite spiritual teachings which comes from the desert. It comes from a collection of sayings formulated by an eccentric band of Christians who sought a life without distractions. This movement, to the western desert in Egypt, represented the beginnings of what we know as Christian monasticism. The central place of devotion became the cell for the desert hermit. This way of spiritual formation was a hard road, tormenting, life threatening, relentless. Continue reading “Faith at home”

Browsers versus explorers

The new virtual craze of Pokemon Go has attracted much publicity in recent weeks, both good and bad. The ‘i’ generation has yet another game to play, another screen to use, another distraction from real exploration. There is a big difference between those who browse and those who explore life. Jesus was a natural explorer, not only of his known world but an explorer of mystery and the invisible realm of existence.  Like many explorers, Jesus risked his life in his search.  Yet this was not an exercise about pitching resilience against survival.  Continue reading “Browsers versus explorers”