On the Emmaus road

One possible definition of ‘what it is to be a Christian’ is the attempt to imitate the life of Christ – trying to put into practice all that Jesus did. In Jesus, we have an example of the best way to live according to God’s desire. So, we might better understand our own discipleship through the lens of Christ. Continue reading “On the Emmaus road”

Our prayer is our gift

This Christmas the church is raising money for Save the Children. Each year we commit to support three charities – one local, one national and one international. Considering the catastrophic events in the Middle East, namely Syria and Yemen, it seems pertinent that we support the most vulnerable victims of military power games. Continue reading “Our prayer is our gift”

Tears and laughter

My grandmother’s house was dark, cramped and cheerless. She lived in an early Victorian terrace with a company of cats and an outside loo. As a child I remember how unfamiliar this dwelling felt compared with my own home. It seemed, therefore, quite incongruous that, in this rather depressing place, one of my most vivid memories is of a wooden plaque mounted on the wall of the sitting room which read, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you.” Little did I know that these lines were part of a poem entitled Solitude by the American author, Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Continue reading “Tears and laughter”