Our prayer is our gift

This Christmas the church is raising money for Save the Children. Each year we commit to support three charities – one local, one national and one international. Considering the catastrophic events in the Middle East, namely Syria and Yemen, it seems pertinent that we support the most vulnerable victims of military power games. Continue reading “Our prayer is our gift”

Super Thursday?

The nation is being called to vote today (Thursday 5th May). The Scottish Parliament, the Welsh National Assembly, the Northern Ireland Assembly are all testing popular opinion through the polls. 124 councils in England are taking place as well as mayoral elections in London, Bristol, Liverpool and Salford, not forgetting the two parliamentary by-elections in Bridgend and Sheffield.

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From the head to the heart

Spiritual direction is a very wonderful thing, something that I commend to all who want to experience life in a deeper, clearer perspective. I travel to see my spiritual guide. I go to London, which is an enlightening experience in its own way. The new service from Oxford Parkway is enriching – lots of staff on hand, newspapers and coffee on sale, few other travellers and quiet carriages. How civilised! But good soul searching can be challenging especially if your soul friend is discerning and courageous enough to address with you some of the demons which lurk just below the surface. Continue reading “From the head to the heart”