The Queen

I admire actors who can get into the character of a part. It is their genius that they can become another persona. Harder still to morph into a renowned international and historical figure who is still alive. Helen Mirren did not find it easy playing the Queen on film or stage. The actress comes from a family reportedly to be anti-royalist, particularly disapproving of the class system in the UK. Yet Mirren (Dame Helen) still felt empathy for the person and inspiration for her role.
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The smell of smoke and sheep

I finally read the announcement which has been long in coming. The white smoke ascended, a new shepherd has been found for the rather irritable, frustrated and impatient sheep of the Oxford diocese! The Rt Revd Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield, is translating his gifts and talents to Oxford. Steven is no stranger to St Michael’s, he assisted here (before my time) and the people remember him with affection. So what are the marks of a Bishop of Oxford? The remit for those in episcopal oversight is that of teaching well, upholding sound doctrine, promoting unity within the church and by example, live a godly life.
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