The Gate

If this current crisis is teaching me anything it is to lean on the gate called Christ.

“The gate is the means of communication with the world. We should try and lean on that gate – it is strong and it leads to the path of life!”

This week in the Easter season we arrive at the sheepfold. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, provides both protection and liberty. Jesus is our way in and our way out.

Shepherds were not well thought of in the ancient near east. They were often accused of rustling, pinching sheep from other flocks. It was a dangerous trade as well. The shepherd would risk life and limb protecting his herd from wild animals and bandits. Yet we hear in John’s Gospel how Jesus is referred to as a shepherd from a long line of shepherds. It was David who is acknowledged to be the psalmist who penned, “The Lord is my shepherd; therefore can I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures and leads me beside still waters.”

If this current crisis is teaching me anything it is to lean on the gate called Christ. I don’t want to rely on my own strength any more. My body is weak; my knowledge is limited; my vision is blurred. I recognise my own vulnerability. So, I need to lean on that gate. And as I do so, I think of the special people who make my life so full – I miss them! I think also of those who trouble me and I wonder how I can repair any wounds and anoint them with oil.

The gatekeeper knows my limitations and my passions. He opens the gate for me accordingly. But he also knows that my vocation is also to be a shepherd and that I miss my own small flock terribly! Let us pray that God will spread a table before us soon.

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God bless you and those who care for you.

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Author: Gavin Knight

The Revd Gavin Knight has been the Vicar of St Michael & All Angels, Summertown in the Oxford Diocese since September 2011. After serving his title at St Alphege, Solihull, Gavin became parish priest of St Andrew's Fulham Fields in London. He moved to Wales in 2005 becoming Chaplain to Monmouth School. He is married to Jo, a clinical psychologist, and they have three sons.