Sowing with tears and reaping with joy

THE THRESHOLD PROJECT – IT’S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!! I am delighted to be able to report that St Michael & All Angels has been granted a faculty authorising the development of the Threshold Project, the west extension extension traditionally known as a narthex.  Continue reading “Sowing with tears and reaping with joy”

Keeping the rumour alive

This was one of the former Bishop of London’s favourite phrases. It was used to symbolise the spiritual battle being waged against secularism, despair, isolation and apathy. “Keep the rumour alive” is a call to proclaim the same Christian faith which had confused and confounded many pagans and cynics throughout the Christian centuries. The “rumour” of Christ’s resurrection, of his victory over death, of the Good News that we are loved and cherished by God, is worth “keeping alive” today. Continue reading “Keeping the rumour alive”