Chaos & creativity

The creation stories in the book of Genesis seemingly describe life being formed out of a nothing (imagine what nothing is not!?) The scientific parallel points to the Big Bang theory where chaos (and creativity) is propelled from a

“The photograph of the barbed wire was taken in Oxfordshire by the Thames on a morning when there was a marvellous Hoare Frost in January 2010. It reminds me that something as vicious as barbed wire can be transformed into something beautiful through an act of God – how much more then might I be transformed?” (Photo and reflection by Kate Evans).

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I wonder how you sign off when writing a letter or a more informal email or, perhaps even, a quickly rushed text? What is your last word or words? This form of signature says something about the author, their relationship, their ambition, their concerns. Some while ago, I remember having this sort of discussion with some friends. It made me think about how I represented myself in the form of valedictory words. Continue reading “Blessing”