Dwelling in the Word

This is another form of reading. It doesn’t ask for a cognitive, intellectual response, it’s more difficult than that!

The CATechesis group is meeting each week. We are currently studying the text from the previous Sunday and then focusing on the sermon. When I say ‘studying’ the text I should perhaps qualify that by saying that we are attempting to dwell within the text. Dwelling in the Word is a form of lectio divina (holy reading) in which we are asked to ponder over scripture. This is another form of reading. It doesn’t ask for a cognitive, intellectual response, it’s more difficult than that! This type of reading works the spiritual muscles and the unconscious processes. The Holy Spirit becomes the instrument of knowledge and, because our conscious brain is slightly removed from the reading, we can become surprised by the experience.

Lectio divina or dwelling in the Word is a way of reading which refreshes and refines our faith life.

Christianity is a phenomenological religion in which the Spirit of God (the third person of the Trinity) has a real and direct influence upon our lives, especially when we become intentional about our faith. So, we give ourselves over to the Spirit of God as we read, not expecting or asking for anything. It is the Holy Spirit which prompts and pauses and presents new meaning to come from the text.

As we shared the Epiphany gospel in Matthew last week, we one of our number was led to the name of Herod. He was ambivalent, at first, to offer Herod’s name. However, we soon became immersed in a fascinating discussion about why this name came to his attention. Little did we know that only days later a Herod-like action would cause 5 deaths during a so-called insurrection at the heart of western democracy, the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

Our reliance on the Holy Spirit can help us untangle the world’s confusions and enable us to discover more about our own lived experience than we realise.

(The CATecesis group meets on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. If you want to join by Zoom, let me know and I will send you an invitation).

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NEWS FROM OUR LINK PARISH IN SOUTH AFRICAFrom Tumelo and her husband Benny. Happy New Year. We are receiving nice rains since yesterday.  We had a nice Christmas service.  After that President put us back to level 3. We are experiencing a high level of infections per day. Deaths also are increasing at fast speed. People are not observing corona protocols.  Benny’s brother in law and  his sibling passed on and were buried on Friday in Rustenburg.  So many teachers has passed on.  I have seen that in UK you have already started with vaccine, we hope it will bring down infections and deaths. The whole world needs prayers. We hope that our prayers will be heard. 2021 will bring us blessings and protection from our Lord. We hope for better health in the whole world. Greetings to all. Tumie and Benny.

HOME-SCHOOLING CRAFT – The kids will love this, a spinner, as they think about God’s Son being baptised!

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