Sorry, I’m a Christian!

During this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May spoke about the fear that some Christians may have articulating their faith in the workplace or, come to that, any public space. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph reported this week that, “Mrs May’s intervention came after David Isaac, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, warned that over-anxious employers are failing to celebrate Christmas for fear of offending other staff.” This is not the first time in history that the Christian faith has been considered offensive. Continue reading “Sorry, I’m a Christian!”

‘We must do this again’

Many of you will know that I am not adverse to the odd game of golf – sometimes it is very odd indeed, sometimes a little crazy! The game has been around since people saw the need to hit a ball with a stick in the countryside. ‘A good walk spoiled’ cynics have cried. Yet golf, re-accredited as an Olympic sport, has never been more popular. The old social stereotypes are gradually being dismantled. Continue reading “‘We must do this again’”

A good news narrative

At a time when we hear so much in the media about the decline of the Church – how Christianity is irrelevant, how misguided the people of faith are – I thought it would be good to demonstrate how one church, St Michael & All Angels, Summertown is bucking that trend. There is no magic ingredient to numerical growth or the deeper development of the faith-life, only that God is allowed to be God in our community of faith. Continue reading “A good news narrative”

The Queen

I admire actors who can get into the character of a part. It is their genius that they can become another persona. Harder still to morph into a renowned international and historical figure who is still alive. Helen Mirren did not find it easy playing the Queen on film or stage. The actress comes from a family reportedly to be anti-royalist, particularly disapproving of the class system in the UK. Yet Mirren (Dame Helen) still felt empathy for the person and inspiration for her role.
Continue reading “The Queen”