Manners maketh man

I shudder to think how badly I cope with instructions – both written and spoken. I must be wired in some way so as not to understand?  Some people would call that type of wiring ‘rebellion’ but I assure you it is not. For example, attending a mid week meeting, the facilitator instructed the group to speak about one one good thing that had happened that day. I was last to respond thinking that my colleagues were simply relaying a significant happening, nothing about ‘something good!’ My time came and I recalled that I had been to the motor mechanic and been presented with a car bill of £750. Agitated, the facilitator said, “But that’s not a good thing!” I was quick to understand the error of my ways and retorted, “No, the good thing is that it didn’t cost £1000. I think I got away with it? Continue reading “Manners maketh man”