You’re Amazing!

At a time when we are unable to embrace one another, we should think about how we might embrace all of creation.

The BUPA advert from the late 1990’s did much to enliven a theology of creation when it sold us the wonder and glory of being human. The ad said this:

“Your heart beats around a 100,000 times a day. Your eyes take in more information than the largest telescope known to man. Your lungs inhale over 2,000,000 litres of air every year. Your hearing is so sensitive it can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of different sounds. Your brain is more complex than the most powerful computer. You’re amazing!”

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The award-winning advert by Ogilvy & Mather.

We have just launched into the newly derived liturgical season named Creationtide. Creationtide draws on deep roots in Scripture and in older Christian traditions around the relationship between God, humanity and the created order. The timing of Creationtide means it is an excellent way of rooting traditional harvest festivals in wider issues and firm theological ground. The Creation Season inspires us to see the natural world with integrity and thankfulness, to explore the beauty of the world and also the beauty of one another, after all, we are amazing!

Creationtide not only emphasises the wonders of creation but also our responsibility as amazing stewards. This season – between 1st September and 4th October – demands a spirit of contrition for all that humanity has done, and is doing, to harm the created order. It therefore asks for forgiveness, reconciliation and healing for the environmental crisis that we face. We are given the opportunity to address our need for sustainability in terms of consumerism as well as farming practices. 

We are not only amazing but our known world is totally amazing and we have a duty to keep it so. At a time when we are unable to embrace one another, we should think about how we might embrace all of creation.


We are beginning to prepare for Clare Leal’s ordination service which will be held at St Michael’s on Sunday 20th September. Although many people will not be able to attend because of the Covid restrictions, it is important that we all keep Clare, Dave and John in our prayers. Pray especially for CLare that she may be given God’s guidance, wisdom and understanding in this deeply perplexing time.

We are hoping to begin to re-assemble a small choir at St Michael’s for the 10am Sunday Eucharist. Again, this will be within the restrictions of health and safety. More about this in the near future.

My thanks to the associated clergy team who have taken on the responsibilities of parish worship and pastoral care during my holiday absence. Thank you also to the church wardens for their work behind the scenes – you are amazing!

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Sunday worship is at 8am, 10am and 6.30pm. Morning Prayer is said at 9am on weekdays. Please bring a face mask. Track and trace registers are being kept and social distancing measures are being observed.

Author: Gavin Knight

The Revd Gavin Knight has been the Vicar of St Michael & All Angels, Summertown in the Oxford Diocese since September 2011. After serving his title at St Alphege, Solihull, Gavin became parish priest of St Andrew's Fulham Fields in London. He moved to Wales in 2005 becoming Chaplain to Monmouth School. He is married to Jo, a clinical psychologist, and they have three sons.